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Poland and Vietnam are developing very dynamically. Companies in both countries are looking for new business opportunities and partners for successful investment projects. meets their needs and offers professional consulting services at our office in Ho Chi Minh City.

Our countries, although separated by more than 10,000 kilometers distance, are surprisingly similar. Apart from an ordinary national liking for feasts, we also share a common sense of hospitality; we are extremely family-orientated and look for innovative solutions at work. We are divided by cultural differences, but helps to overcome them easily and shows how to make the most of a friendly, accessible and attractive business environment in Vietnam.

As a consulting company, experienced in marketing and sales, we understand that the process of establishing business contacts in a foreign country can be difficult, so we aim to make Polish entrepreneurs feel home in Vietnam – secure, safe and confident. We always stress that the key to the success is not only establishing, but above all maintaining and deepening of relationships with business partners. Many years of experience on Vietnamese market gave us the knowledge, inspiration and confidence to support our customers in any business challenges.

With us, Vietnamese reality becomes clear and pleasant, and your work here safe, well - organized and efficient. We are your partner in Vietnam - you can rely on us.

Maciej L. Ryczko - Executive Manager

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